Sell across multiple channels
to maximize your profits

eCom Syndicator makes selling across multiple channels a breeze. Your prices and stock levels are always up to date. Sell on
eBay, Amazon, Walmart and dozen other channels for one low fee. eCom Syndicator does not try to offer all-in-one tool – we
focus on making sure that syncing works 100% and you never sell at a loss.

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eCom Syndicator Supports Most Popular Marketplaces

eCom Syndicator Also Works Worldwide And Supports Local Marketplaces

Does not matter where in the world you sell, we most probably already support or going to support your marketplace.
Ready to expand to new horizons ? Connect to eCom Syndicator and let it do the hard work.

Instant Notifications

eCom Syndicator offers a multitude of options for notifications – if you want, you can be notified even about small action or you can just receive a summary once a week. We are able to send notifications via e-mail, skype, whatsapp, facebook, & other means of messaging.

Reliable Infrastructure

eCom Syndicator leases several servers from different data centers to replicate the data, so even if one data center fails, everything is still up to date and your inventory is synced.

Complex Rules

Do you have different margins and prices at your sales channels ? Set custom rules for each channel or even for each different category of products! Tag products based on keywords, prices, stock levels and multiple other options.

Automatic Syncing

eCom Syndicator will sync your products across multiple channels automatically and with no manual labor.

Fail-safe Operation

If there is something to go wrong during the synchronization process, you and our support team will be notified immediately and issue will be corrected as soon as possible

24 Hour Support

Our support agents are always ready and waiting to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.